CTAI S.r.l.


In addition to a proper understanding of the regulations for the placing products on the market, the correct implementation of the verification phase is also essential. This verification phase consists of the execution of laboratory tests (in addition to the preparation of appropriate documentation), which are under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer, for many European directives. In these cases, it often becomes advantageous for the manufacturer to have its own laboratory, equipped for both the pre-screening during design, as well as for the type qualification phase and the production checks.

CTAI, thanks to a collaboration agreement with AFJ, a leader in the market for the supply of equipment for the verification of compliance with the main European directives, in particular for verification of the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety, is able to support you in your choice of essential instrumentation for compliance testing and pre-compliance.

Our main fields of activity are:

  • Supply of anechoic chambers for EMC testing, with assistance for the proper planning, and post-sales activity management necessary for the satisfactory completion of the project, up to the final inspection
  • Restructuring of testing laboratories
  • Consulting/courses/laboratory start-up
  • Supply of instrumentation and turn-key laboratories