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Third party inspections

The term "third party inspections" refers to all tests that require the presence of a third body which has no link with either the company to be evaluated nor with the end client. Inspections take place through qualified and experienced inspectors, with at least Level II NDT qualifications.

There are different types of third party inspections, the most common may include:

  • hydraulic tests
  • pneumatic tests
  • material pre-shipment verification
  • dimensional/visual examinations and documentation inspection

Such inspections are primarily carried out at the manufacturers and/or directly on site. In both cases, upon completion of inspection, the inspector in charge will issue an inspection report and/or a release note.

The inspection activity can be carried out on a variety of products, including:

  • Shut-off, regulator and safety valves
  • Pressure vessels in general
  • Lifting devices
  • Mechanical reducers
  • Equipment for industrial and medical gases
  • Structural components for industrial, construction and architectural use
  • Components for thermal systems (steam turbines)
  • Cooling components