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Expediting and second party inspections

The engineering companies are increasingly demanding the presence and the experience of a body representing them, in order to monitor a correct and regular progress of specific orders to their own suppliers. The purpose of expediting - or job progress monitoring - is to verify that suppliers comply with the request from the customer, fulfilling delivery terms and timing. This activity consists of a thorough examination of all aspects that characterize the supply, suggesting any constructive solutions to meet the delivery times, and then inform the client quickly about the actual situation of the order progress.
We have highly qualified personnel with proven experience in the specific fields in which the expediting activity shall be addressed.

Activities defined as "second party inspections" are directed more specifically at the construction and testing phases of components. They are carried out according to:

  • Reference standards, usually of international validity
  • Control plans issued by the manufacturer and subject to final approval of the client
  • "Material requisition" issued by final clients
  • Any other applicable specifications (e.g. construction drawings, manufacturing and control plans, welding books issued by the client and/or manufacturers themselves)