CTAI S.r.l.

One of the fundamental aspects of machinery safety is the reliability of safety-related command parts. This is even more important in the machinery directive, which for safety components provides for the functional safety assessment according to EN ISO 13849-1/2, IEC/EN 62061, IEC/EN 61800-5-2.

In detail of these activities, in co-operation with certification bodies, CTAI can provide the following services:

  • Training courses on the application of EN ISO 13849-1/2, IEC/EN 62061, IEC/EN 61800-5-2:
    • Requirements specification
    • Definition of the necessary documentation
    • Hardware and software design
    • Validation (integrity and functionality validation)
  • Risk analysis of machinery
  • SIL/PL classification of safety systems
  • Functional safety assessments of safety systems and devices
  • Software functional safety assessments
  • Performing of necessary tests
  • SIL/PL certification of systems and components used in safety systems

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