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Nowadays, it is becoming common fold for companies to highlight their product conformity to reference standards, as well as the quality level and safety achieved by their products.

In this sense, there are two types of product certification:

  • Mandatory certification, pursuant to national laws or international regulations, e.g. EU directives
  • Voluntary certification, in order to offer the end user and customers a product that exceeds the minimum requirements as requested by law

The procedure for obtaining product certification usually consists of two stages:

  • The first stage involves type testing, to assess that the product complies with any national or international standards or, in case of their absence, with dedicated test protocols
  • The second stage involves the evaluation of processes and the quality system used by the manufacturer to ensure the maintenance over time of any characteristics found in the samples submitted for type testing (manufacturing procedures, inspection, testing equipment verification...)

CTAI can assist you in obtaining the product certification, in both voluntary and mandatory, through agreements with Certification Bodies, as well as in both the electrical and mechanical sector.